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January 15, 2014    Featured News

Big Game Booking: Uncovers Trends and Tips for Football Fans Traveling to the NYC Area

Despite cold weather concerns, The Big Apple is shaping up to be one of the most fan-friendly cities for travelers to the Big Game. This is largely due to the number of hotel rooms in the area, especially when compared to previous host cities. With approximately 115,000 hotel rooms to choose from, the NYC area can meet demand and do so at competitive prices!

Airfare to the area has been ‘faring’ positively as well.  Given the significant supply of inbound and outbound flights to the NYC area, airfare has not been experiencing the same hike increases as other game day locations.’s booking data has revealed the following trends along with some tips for fans to maximize their time and money for the game:

  • Fan Friendly Fares: With 187% more hotel rooms than New Orleans and 576% more rooms than Indianapolis (the sites of the 2013 and 2012 games, respectively), the greater New York area has a lot more options for fans!  Average daily room rates are comparable with other major cities ($337 average rate across star levels in NYC and NJ), but on a percentage increase basis, New York and New Jersey are offering more reasonably priced Big Game accommodations than many expected.  Overall, hotel rate increases in New York and New Jersey for the big weekend (84%) are far less than in New Orleans in 2013 (143% increase) and Indianapolis in 2012 (253% increase). While the least expensive rooms are on the Jersey side, fans looking for more than just a room – theatres, restaurants, designer shopping – should stay in Manhattan.
  • Up in the Air: Flights are still available for the Big Game, but travelers can expect to spend about 20% more on airfare to the NYC area – a bargain compared to the increases seen during the New Orleans and Indianapolis games (59% and 166% increases, respectively).
  • Local Refugees: Not everyone’s sticking around for the Big Game!  Hotel bookings are up 100% in Atlantic City, 30% in Boston, 38% in Washington, DC, and 35% in Baltimore from this time last year.
  • There’s Still Time to Book: Hotels are still available through’s “Express Deals,” where travelers can save up to 40% off rack rates.  And, rental cars can be booked for as low as $15/day.  For travelers looking for the best last-minute deal,’s “Tonight Only” mobile app offers exclusive deep discounts and fliers who choose to “Name Your Own Price” 7-days or less from their departure can save up to 50%.

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