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January 31, 2014    Featured News Presents the #ExpressBowl for Sunday’s Big Game

The Big Game is a big deal.  For some, there’s big money at stake; for others, big commercials to watch, food to eat and parties to attend.

Since we’re all about great deals, we sat back and asked ourselves, what is the equivalent to the Big Game? Introducing, the #ExpressBowl.

In honor of’s Express Deals, this year we’re recreating the Big Game – everything from the best (and worst) commercials to the memorable performances and other live antics – all in 6-second Vines done with … wait for it … sock-puppets.

While you’re checking your social feed on Sunday, don’t forget to follow our social channels – Twitter, Vine, and YouTube  – to catch the action exclusively. For a sneak peak, check out’s first Vine, a parody of a certain Big Game advertiser’s banned commercial.

Brands beware – everyone is fair game. But don’t worry; we’re not above poking fun at ourselves.

UPDATE: You can view our Vine’s related to the big game below.