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October 25, 2016    Featured News

Ticket prices soar, hotel deals to be had for Cleveland vs. Chicago

Ticket prices soar, hotel deals to be had for Cleveland vs. Chicago


With a historic baseball championship series about to start, ticket prices are soaring but you can spend most of your money at the gate and still have some to stay with three and four-star hotel deals in both Cleveland and Chicago.

Cleveland hosts Chicago starting Tuesday, October 25 as the two teams with the longest current title droughts in baseball will battle to be crowned the world’s best.

Chicago hasn’t won the championship since 1908. Cleveland hasn’t won since 1948. It’s just a five-hour drive between the two cities so travel during the series could hardly be more fan-friendly, although ticket prices are not.

According to TicketIQ, the cheapest resale ticket for Game 1 in Cleveland is $860 on Tuesday night. When the series shifts to Chicago for Game 3 on Friday, the cheapest price soars to over $2,100.

But while your ticket will cost you, your hotel doesn’t have to with Express Deals on for $54 for three-star hotels in Cleveland Tuesday and Wednesday and just $52 for a three-star hotel in Chicago on Friday night.

If you’re traveling to the game, going for the drive will be cheaper than the short flight with the cheapest from Chicago to Cleveland $248 for a one-way ticket on Tuesday and $482 from Cleveland back to Chicago on Thursday ahead of Game 3.

So spend the money to secure your seat but save on staying – it’s worth the price of seeing history.